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Down payment have you stumped?

Minimum down payment requirements...

5% for the first $500,000


10% on the difference between $500,000 to $999,999


✅ example you are purchasing a home for $846,000

$25,000 - $500,000 x 5%

$34,600 - $346,000 x 10%

💲 💲 💲 💲 💲 💲 💲

$59,600 - is your total down payment for a purchase of $846,000


For properties over $1 mil the calculation is dependant on the Lender.


One of the questions we are often asked is in regards to minimum down payment on a second home.


If it is a purchase for Owner Occupied home or a home that a family member will be living in then the minimum down payment above applies.


If you are purchasing and plan to rent the home, then minimum down payment will be 20% of the purchase price

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