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Insurance Types: Mini Series Part 2

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

HOME OWNERS insurance and WHY it is important

One of your biggest investments is owning a home, protect yourself and your investment.

What it covers:

1. Your home and your contents, be careful to check if there are exclusions to your policy. IE flood zones ect.

2. Personal Liability, protect you in the case a visitor gets injured in home or on your property and protects you the event that you damage someone else property.

3. Living expenses, should you find that you need to live elsewhere if you cannot stay in your home. Your accommodations will be covered for a period.

4. Rebuilding, Additional cost to rebuild or repair up to the amount of coverage.

5. Water Damage, covers, sewer back up, sump pump overflow, ground water entering below-ground level. Check for flooding policy.

** There are other features that will protect you, check with a licensed provider to get all the correct information.

As a broker I am here to advise that you need to have home owners insurance for your closing on your mortgage financing.

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